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New Book By Dr Teresa Tam - "Vaginal Pessaries"

Though a skilled and accomplished surgeon, Dr. Teresa Tam does not always seek a surgical solution to health issues. In fact, she always looks for the least invasive, least traumatic solution to these problems. For her, surgery is a last resort when no non-surgical treatment is feasible or possible.

With mesh surgery for prolapse sometimes proving problematic, there has been a resurgence of professional medical interest in the more traditional methods for the management of prolapse and of stress urinary incontinence.

Her new book, "Vaginal Pessaries,"  is a concise guide to the practical aspects of pessary use. It will be of interest to all gynecologists involved in clinical management of the patient with these problems.

This book is now available online direct from the publisher, CRC Press: Vaginal Pessaries

Back Cover

Rick Hicaro Practice Manager

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