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Welcome Lindsey Syed, WHNP-BC - Advance Care Nurse Practitioner

Lindsey J. Syed, WHNP-BC, has carved a fulfilling career as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP). Her journey began in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Always in pursuit of excellence, Lindsey continued her education at Arizona State University, earning her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Women's Health with a groundbreaking project focused on HPV vaccine rates.

Lindsey's early career was rooted in long-term care, where she sharpened her skills in chronic and end-of-life care at various health centers. Here, she developed her keen judgment and honed her ability to assess the emotional and physical needs of residents.

By 2016, she had pivoted into obstetrics and gynecology, joining Valley Women for Women in Chandler, Arizona. For five years, Lindsey provided comprehensive care, from handling high-risk pregnancies to advising on contraception and family planning. Her diverse skill set made her capable of performing a range of gynecological procedures, equipping her with a robust toolkit for women's health.

In December 2021, Lindsey took on a new challenge: the specialized realm of Gynecology/Oncology at the Arizona Center for Cancer Care. Here, she dealt with complex conditions, like gynecological cancers, and became proficient in managing treatment regimens for chemotherapy and immunotherapy patients. Her expertise didn’t go unnoticed; she was recognized with the APP Recognition Award for Patient Experience in May 2023.

This background in gynecological cancers had given Lindsey a great deal of experience in the area of genetic testing in women's health. Patients with a family history of gynecologic cancer, interested in having genetic testing performed, should schedule a consultation with Lindsey

Not just confined to clinical work, Lindsey has committed herself to the broader field. She's an active member of several organizations like the Society of Gynecology Oncology and has even taken the role of an adjunct faculty/preceptor for aspiring WHNPs at ASU. Her scholarly contributions, including papers on Bladder Pain Syndrome and Von Willebrand Disease in Pregnancy, have found homes in prestigious medical journals.

With her newly acquired licenses in Illinois, Lindsey joined All for Women Healthcare where, together with Dr Teresa Tam and fellow Advance Care Nurse Practitioner, Adrienn Myers-Woods, aims to continue her mission: empowering women to lead healthy, balanced lives. Her portfolio might read like an impressive list of accolades and positions, but to Lindsey, it's a testament to her ongoing commitment to the well-being of women. It’s not just a career, it’s a calling.

Rick Hicaro Practice Manager

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