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In-Office Procedures: A Safe and Convenient Alternative

Perhaps it was a questionable test result, such as an abnormal PAP smear. Maybe it is abnormal bleeding or pelvic pain. It may also be any number of gynecological conditions. Whatever the reason that brings you in to see your doctor, you want answers, but most of all, you want physical relief, peace-of-mind, or both.

Then, at the end of your examination, or after your test results come back, your doctor tells you, "You need to have a surgical procedure performed", whether that be a diagnostic or outpatient procedure. In your mind, you dread the thought of undergoing surgery. Visions of operating rooms, hospital stays, general anesthesia, longer recovery periods, PAIN, and hours - perhaps days - away from home and work. And in these trying times, you worry about COVID-19 risks, as well.

We have an alternative to that ordeal. Many gynecological operative procedures such as hysteroscopy, LEEP, and endometrial ablation, can be performed in the comfort, privacy, and safety of our office, avoiding all those hospital-related concerns. A typical procedure takes 15-20 mins, and you go home the same day with little or no discomfort. There is minimal exposure to other people (just your doctor and her medical assistant). These procedures are covered by most health insurance as well, so it is cost-effective.

To see if you are eligible for an in-office surgical procedure, or if you have a medical condition that you would like to have evaluated, make an appointment today to see Dr. Teresa Tam, MD, or Adrienn Myers-Woods, APN.

TeleHealth Appointments Now Available

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we now offer our patients "TeleHealth" appointments allowing patients to remotely consult with Dr. Teresa Tam, MD, or Adrienn Myers-Woods, APN, from the safety and privacy of their home using secure, online communication technologies. TeleHealth appointments are true patient-to-practitioner interactions via audio/visual digital communication. When you make your appointment (online or call in), you may request an in-office or Telehealth visit.

Every TeleHealth appointment request is first reviewed by your practitioner. She will take into consideration your medical reason(s) for your visit, together with any previous medical history or existing conditions (existing patients only). After reviewing your request, she will determine whether a TeleHealth remote visit or an in-office best fits your medical condition. Please keep in mind, not all appointments are conducive to a TeleHealth visit.

In addition, since all TeleHealth appointments are actual medical encounters (just like an in-office appointment), they should be covered by your health insurance. If you are approved by your practitioner for a Telehealth appointment, one of our staff will contact you for additional background and insurance information before finalizing your appointment.

Use the links above to schedule your in-office or TeleHealth appointment with Dr. Teresa Tam, MD, or Adrienn Myers-Woods, APN, either online or by calling the office. If you make an online appointment or if you call outside of regular office hours and leave a message with our service, someone from our office will contact you during office hours to confirm your appointment.

COVID-19 and Your Medical Care

Our Responsibilities

We, the physicians and staff of All for Women Healthcare, are mindful of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Your health and well-being are our highest priority. While All for Women Healthcare remains open at this time (until further notice), we will still see patients during normal business hours. You may call us or make an appointment online.

Rest assured, we are taking all precautions and following protocols recommended by the CDC and health officials, to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our patients and staff. Every exam room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between patients. All areas of human contact, including the waiting room, lab, and patient restroom are likewise cleaned and sanitize throughout the day. Doctors and staff also maintain the highest standards for their own personal hygiene, as well as take suitable precautions (including gloves and mask as necessary) for the safety of patients and themselves.


Patient Responsibilities

We kindly ask that every patient take a serious self-appraisal of their personal health before deciding to come in to our office. If you are suffering from any kind of cough, flu, fever, cold, or other respiratory illness; have come in contact with anyone with a known COVID-19 infection; or if you or someone you have come in contact with, recently traveled to and returned from any of the high risk countries, we kindly ask that you refrain from making an appointment. Also, if you are elderly or have a compromised immune system, we advise you to stay home to minimize outside exposure, unless you have an urgent medical need and must see us.

Please be aware, if you do come to the office and present to us with a cold or cough, you may be turned away for the health and safety of the other patients and medical staff. If you have an appointment, but become ill before the appointment, please call the office immediately to cancel your appointment. For time being, during this health crisis, we will be suspending our Missed Appointment Policy, but we do ask that patients please call as far ahead of time as possible to cancel their appointment so that other patients can use that appointment time.


Your Health and Safety Take Top Priority 

It is our sincere hope that this crisis eventually comes to an end with minimal impact on all of us. Until then, we must all do our best to stay healthy and respect the health and welfare of others as well.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

Dr. Teresa Tam, MD, and Adrienn Myers-Woods, APN, and our wonderful staff.

All for Women Healthcare

OB-GYNs located in Chicago, IL

Dr. Teresa Tam, MD, along with her nurse practitioner, Adrienn Myers-Woods, APN, bring their compassion, sensitivity, and extensive medical expertise to women of all ages. Their focus is on the special needs unique to women's healthcare, such as annual exams, contraception counseling, endometriosis, abnormal pap results, pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, menstrual disorders, menopause, and many other women's health concerns. They believe the best healthcare comes both from focusing on well-woman care and forming lasting relationships with their patients.

Dr. Tam is a fellowship-trained, minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon. Her extensive expertise in robotic and laparoscopic surgical techniques greatly minimizes the pain, scarring, and recovery time from surgery. Many patients go home the same day as their surgery. Warm and compassionate, her focus is on the well-being of each patient. She spends time with each patient to discuss non-surgical, medical alternatives, whenever possible, before committing to surgical interventions.

Adrienn, our advanced practice nurse (APNs), has specialized training in women's healthcare. She can perform the same examinations and diagnoses as a physician (apart from surgical diagnoses). Dr. Tam has complete faith in Adrienn, knowing that she brings the same level of care, empathy, and attention to all her patients.

Your health deserves the best care. Call today or make an appointment on our website, to schedule your next annual, well-woman exam, or to discuss any other medical concerns.

We strive to serve all our patients' needs. Please contact our office for more information about our services.


Helping All Women Enjoy Their Lives

Gynecological issues are unique to a woman’s world and require specialized care and understanding. All for Women Healthcare gives women like you, the care and attention you need and deserve. We will help you with those special needs and concerns women face such as birth control, endometriosis, pelvic pain, bleeding, menopause, and so much more.

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We Provide Exceptional Care for Exceptional Women

We Provide Exceptional Care for Exceptional Women

Center of Excellence Designation

Dr. Tam and All For Women Healthcare has received the Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) designation by the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) and the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC)!

“By complying with the COEMIG requirements, surgeons and facilities demonstrate a commitment and ability to consistently deliver the highest level of minimally invasive gynecologic surgical care possible. Earning the COEMIG designation will signify that the facility and surgeon are among the best in the specialty, which will be an important distinction in both patient and professional settings.” -

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We accept several insurance plans from many different providers. If you do not see your provider listed here, please give us a call and we will let you know if you are covered.

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No Show & Cancellation Policy

We value the health of all our patients, so we do our best to schedule enough time for our practitioners to spend with each patient. In return, we expect our patients to be on time for their appointments. Due to the limitations of the COVID-19 crisis, we maintain a very tight schedule. As a result, some patients may have to wait to get an appointment to see a practitioner Missed appointments are unfair to these waiting patients. This is especially apples to Saturday appointments which are the most sought-after times and for procedure appointments which take away several regular appointment times.

"Missed appointments" include in-person and virtual TeleHealth appointments, as well as canceling or rescheduling an appointment less than 24 hours (48 hours for procedure appointments). To discourage missed appointments, we must charge the following fines: $30 weekday appointment / $50 Saturday or Pre-Op appointment / $100 procedure or ultrasound appointment. Fines must be paid out-of-pocket (cash, check, or credit card). Current and past due amounts accumulate until fully paid. Repeated violations of this policy or failure to pay Missed Appointment fines may be cause for removal from the Practice.

No Show – Missing any appointment without any notification, for any reason, is considered a “No Show”. Also, being late more than 30 minutes is considered a No Show if we cannot fit you in the schedule later that day or cannot fill in the time opened by your missed appointment with another patient.

Cancellations – All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment date and time. Any cancellations less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will be considered a No Show.

The No-Show fee ($30) is not covered by health insurance and will be billed directly to the patient at the next office visit.

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Indoor Parking Available at Our 331 W Surf St. Office

Validated self-parking is available inside the building. The entrance is on the east side of the building on Commercial Street. Follow the signs to "4 PARKING". Parking is $5 with validation.